De Blasio’s bungled rollout


The 23rd candidate to enter the Democratic presidential field found a slice of the limelight by botching his carefully planned announcement rollout.

First a high schooler in Missouri scooped de Blasio by tweeting that the New York City mayor would visit the Truman Club in Sioux City, Iowa, for the first stop on his “Presidential announcement tour,” with the club initially misspelling the mayor’s name. Then protesters appeared outside the windows as de Blasio was on nationally watched “Good Morning America” this morning for his first campaign appearance.

His announcement video quickly drew a mocking tweet from his would-be opponent President Donald Trump. The announcement came just days after de Blasio faced protesters so loud that they drowned him out when he tried to make an climate announcement at Trump Tower. All this was only after he equivocated for weeks about whether he should run as the 2020 field grew increasingly crowded.

The two-term mayor likes to point to his decisive margins of victory in the biggest U.S. city, but the perception that he is a bungler in chief was only reinforced by his rollout, which continues Friday and Saturday with travel to Iowa and South Carolina, two key early voting states.

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