Inside Bijan: The boutique behind Paul Manafort’s lavish wardrobe

It wasn’t the $12,000 pink pinstripe suit or the $48,000 blue lizard jacket that raised eyebrows. After all, House of Bijan is often described as the most expensive men’s clothing store in the world, and Paul Manafort was just another good customer.
It was how Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman paid for these couture pieces that caught the attention of the store’s 26-year-old CEO and owner, Nicolas Bijan.
“It’s not typical to pay by wire transfer from a foreign bank,” he said in an exclusive interview with CNN. “A majority of our clients pay by credit card. Occasionally we’ll have a client who wants to pay with wire transfer. But that’s unusual.”
The wire transfers, reportedly made from bank accounts in Cyprus, were revealed during the first week of Manafort’s trial on tax and bank fraud charges. The opening days of the case have centered around the defendant’s reportedly lavish lifestyle.
Over a five-year period, Manafort spent a total of $520,000 at House of Bijan. But those purchases were not considered unusual enough for the store to ask Manafort where the money was coming from.