Mercedes-Benz unveils electric SUV to challenge Tesla


Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday unveiled its first fully electric car — the latest in a crop of upcoming models that aim to challenge Tesla.

The German luxury automaker said its battery-powered SUV, called the EQC, will hit the streets in 2020 — the first of as many as 10 electric Mercedes models to hit the road by 2022.

While the Mercedes EQC looks like it’s aimed at Tesla’s Model X SUV, the specs on paper may disappoint some driving enthusiasts.

The EQC’s range on a single charge is just 200 miles, versus as much as 295 miles for the Model X. It goes from zero to 60 in 5 seconds, versus 4.7 seconds for the Model X. And the EQC’s top speed is capped at 111 mph, versus 130 mph for the Model X.

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