Mergers, acquisitions will be big next year, experts say


If you are having no luck picking the numbers for PowerBall or MegaMillions, maybe you’ll have a better chance at picking a company that gets bought in 2019. The payoff won’t be as big but the chances are better.

Dykema, a national law firm, says in its 14th annual mergers and acquisition survey that 65 percent of the M&A professionals it contacted expect deal making to be up next year. That’s nearly twice as many that expected deals in 2018.

And the deals are expected in the automotive, energy and consumer products areas. Technology and health care held the top spots over the last four years.

Deals will be even stronger among privately held companies. Eighty-two percent of those responding to the survey said they expect an uptick in mergers and acquisitions in private firms next year.

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