The left has decided wealth is just evil


Watch out, America: Democrats’ class warfare is back with a vengeance. Your money belongs to them to redistribute as they see fit. As Mayor de Blasio put it recently, “The money is in the wrong hands.” That is, it’s in your hands, not his.

Take Elizabeth Warren, echoing socialist Bernie Sanders and his mini-me Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Warren’s pitching an “ultra millionaire tax” on wealth. And having fun berating rich people.

On Twitter, she fired at Henry Kravis, a private-equity billionaire, for the sale of his $46 million ranch. Cracked Warren: “Billionaires like this guy make me wonder what our country needs more of: ranches with golf courses designed by PGA players and fireplaces ‘imported from European castles’ — or universal childcare a Green New Deal #UltraMillionaireTax.”

She targeted Kenneth Griffin for buying a $238 million-dollar apartment. And NFL owner Daniel Snyder for his “superyacht” purchase.

That money you earned should be spent on what Warren thinks we “need” as opposed to you want is offensive and un-American.

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