Trump set for White House meeting with Egyptian President


President Donald Trump welcomed Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to the White House for the second time Tuesday, lavishing praise on the Egyptian President who has been accused of human rights abuses.

“We’ve never had a better relationship, Egypt and the United States, than we do right now,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, noting that the two will discuss military and trade during the meeting and adding that the two countries have made progress on combating terrorism.

Trump was asked about Sisi’s efforts to stay in power until 2034. (A potential amendment to Egypt’s constitution would extend Sisi’s term in office.)”I think he’s doing a great job, I don’t know about the effort, I can just tell you he’s doing a great job,” he said, calling Sisi a “great person.”

Human rights groups have accused the Egyptian regime of carrying out widespread and systematic torture of political prisoners, silencing dissidents and using death sentences to settle scores. Sisi’s government has denied the allegations.

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